Adriafil Nature


01:Black 02:White 03:Pink 09:Sky Blue 11:Cream 22:Blue 31:Fuchsia 33:Green 34:Turquoise 35:Orange 38:Sea Green 44:Light Green 45:Beige 49:Cornflower 53:Yellow 54:Grey 55:Pale Powder Pink 56:Old Rose 57:Loden Green 58:Dove Grey 59:Lilac 61:Rust 62:Aviation Blue 60:Ecru
100% cotton
16 sts per 10cm
Hand wash only
87m per 50g
50 grammes

This aran weight cotton yarn is made from 100% egyptian cotton. It is not mercerised which makes it softer, with a more matt finish. Ideal for wool-free garments. This yarn would make a good substitute for the old Rowan All Seasons Cotton.


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