West Yorkshire Spinners Undyed British Breeds Aran


001:Blue Faced Leicester Ecru 002:Blue Faced Leicester Light Brown 003:Blue Faced Leicester Brown 005:Jacobs Light Grey 006:Jacobs Medium Grey 001:Wensleydale Ecru 001:Jacobs Ecru 007:Jacobs Brown/Black
100% British Wool
18 sts per 10cm (BFL) 16 sts per 10cm (Jacob)
Handwash only
122m (Jacob) 166m (BFL)

We have pulled all the WYS Undyed Aran yarns into a single listing to give you a fuller shade range. The BFL comes in three colours and the Jacob comes in four colours. The yardage varies, 122m for the Jacob Aran and 166m for the BFL Aran, and unlike the Undyed DK the two breeds work to slightly different tensions, the BFL gives 18 sts per 10cm on 5mm needles whereas the Jacobs gives 16 sts per 10cm on 5mm needles. The BFL is lovely and soft, the Jacob is more coarse and rustic. All bear the British Wool Board logo and are made from British sheep and spun in Yorkshire. All are handwash only and will work for felting. Now added - pure Wensleydale Ecru. This is a lustrous, crisp (but not scratchy) breed, nice sheen but not super soft. It gives the same yardage and tension as the BFL.


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