Rowan Selects Norwegian Wool

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016:Frost Grey 015:Cappuccino 018:Ribbon Red 019:Peat 011:Daphne 012:Golden Nugget 014:Cloud Dancer 017:Emerald 010:Windchime 013:Coastal Fjord
22 Stitches per 10cm
100% wool
Double knit
Hand wash

Roaming and grazing freely on the hills and natural pastures, Norwegian sheep produce one of the most eco- and animal-friendly textile fibres in the world. The durable and hardy fleece is expertly spun in an Italian mill to produce a 100% wool yarn that gives depth and structure to knitwear, while maintaining a soft hand. With a palette of colours selected by ARNE & CARLOS, Norwegian Wool blends modern colour trends with the long-standing heritage of traditional Norwegian patterning.


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