Rowan: Cotton Glace


3.25/3.75 mm
23 Stitches per 10cm
Light double knit
115 metres
50 grammes
872:Petunia 870:Porcelain 739:Dijon 868:Midnight 869:Pine 867:Precious 863:Earth 861:Rose 862:Blackcurrant 858:Aqua 856:Mineral 846:Cadmium 850:Cobalt 849:Winsor 845:Shell 812:Ivy 814:Shoot 726:Bleached 727:Black 746:Nightshade 829:Twilight 831:Dawn Grey 741:Poppy 828:Heather 445:Blood Orange 832:Persimmon 833:Ochre 730:Oyster 725:Ecru

A very popular yarn from Rowan, it sits between DK and 4 ply so is lighter to wear and ideal for summer or baby knits. It comes in a wide range of colours and is a mercerised cotton so is lovely to knit with and doesn't split.


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