Regia Premium Merino Yak


58% wool 28% polyamide 14% yak
30 sts per 10cm
4 ply
Machine washable at 30 degrees
400m per 100g
7513: Mint Meliert 7516:Grass Green 7518:Mineral Blue 7515:Nachtblau Meliert 7514:Teal Meliert 7512:Anthrazit 7511:Kiesel Meliert 7510:Beige Meliert 7509:Lavendel Meliert 7508:Pflaume Meliert 7507:Himbeer Meliert 7506:Pfirsich Meliert 7505:Puder Meliert 7504:Gold Meliert

Regia Premium yarns are a luxurious range of sock yarns, still strong enough for socks but a bit more special. Merino Yak is a soft blend of merino, yak and polyamide. Still machine washable at 30 degrees the polyamide gives durability. One 100g ball is sufficient for a good sized pair of adult socks,  this yarn is also perfect for shawls and garments. The colours are all subtle and complimentary. This is a really lovely yarn.


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