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Regia Cotton Colour


2419:Dragon Fruit 2421:Watermelon 2422:Pomegrante 2423:Grape 2424:Lemon 2426:Apple 2418:Kiwi 2417:Papaya 2414:Egypt 2411:Helsinki 2410:Paris 2412:Morocco
72% cotton 18% polyamide 10% polyester
30 sts per 10cm
4 ply
Machine washable at 40 degrees
420m per 100g

A self-striping wool-free sock yarn with 72% cotton, 18% polyamide and 10% polyester. It's soft and springy so perfect for socks if you can't or don't want to use wool. The 6 shades are all inspired by fruit and knit up with a mixture of stripes and speckles. It does tend to be a bit more splitty than it's wool counterpart but this is the nature of a wool-free yarn like this. The range includes 'Tutti Frutti' colours inspired by fruit and 'Around the World' colours.


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