Patons: 100% Cotton 4ply


1691:White 1715:Nougat 1701:Lilac 1701:Kiwi 1692:Cream 1726:Jade 1697:Denim 1729:Delta 1734:Candy 1723:Nectarine 1724:Pomegranate 1716:Limestone 1712:Black 1205:Apple 1115:Red 1743:Purple 1742:Fuschia 1727:Green 1725:Bright Pink 1714:Raffia 1124:Navy 1173:Pale Blue 1740:Yellow 1745:Vanilla 1747:Pale Green 1746:Almond 1750:Tomato 1749:Peacock 1752:Brownie 1751:Royal
3.25 mm
28 stitches per 10cm
330 metres
100 grammes

A perennial favourite, this is one of the most popular pure cotton yarns on the market. It is mercercised so doesn't split and is ideal for both knitting and crochet. It is durable and will wash and wear for many years. Available in a lovely range of colours.

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