Miniball Cake Box set


100% wool
28 sts per 10cm
4 ply
Hand wash only
10 grammes

We have updated our Miniball full set to a new box which neatly fits in 84 rather than 80 colours. It's a sturdier box with a clear lid which will make it easier to transport but you can still see all the colours at a glance. The yarn is coned JC Rennie 4ply pure wool (either Supersoft Lambswool 4ply or Unique Shetland 4ply) and there's about 50m in each ball. The box is easily enough for a large colourwork sweater or blanket! For more information on the Miniballs please see their individual listing.

Please note for overseas orders - the Cake Box Set weighs about 1.2kg in total.