JC Rennie Miniballs


100% wool
28 sts to 10cm
4 ply
Hand wash only
Between 45m and 55m per 10g
10 grammes
200:Winter White 992:Marzipan 457:Fauna 020:Silver 124:Fairy 239:Tusk 986:Spice 207:Stonehenge 1068:Frost 1006:Henna 405:Crab Apple 273:Blueprint 1424:Carnation 131:Oyster 374:Tudor 777:Lush 358:Atlantic Spray 140:Elephant 191:Coffee 685:Loden 090:Black 364:Pagan 1195:Thistledown 113:Azure 380:Blaze 1304:Blueberry 1464:Confetti 084:Cottage 179:Hawthorn 1434:Iris 117:Laurel 030:Medium Grey 178:Nightshade 119:Nutmeg 378:Seaholly 1077:Jade 221:Putty 1048:Ocean Force 412:Cream 050:Oxford 190:Charcoal 1058:Duck Egg 387:Fenland 158:Ivanhoe 43:Cornflower 1157:New Lawn 258:Denim 1008:Petrel 262:Cummin 76:Braes 340:Rosebud 901:Sahara 1734:Lavish 306:Brandy 1207:Spring Meadow 285:Forest 1834:Bordeaux Mix 1754:Scarlet 344:Petunia 417:Pistachio 1060:Ugie Pearl 238:Clipper New Amethyst 037:Calypso 1204:Marble Gemstone 1000:Chrome 874:Wizard 2134:Blush 294:Midnight 1026:Rust 2094:Strawberry Sherbert 822:Jaffa 832:Nugget 287:Lunar 2024:Orchid 2124:Heather Rose 1298:Shamrock Shake 2114:Heather 1515:Bondi Blue 1353:Fresh Surf 2154:Royal Eminence 902:Gorseflower 1505:Ice Sea 1404:New Bright Blue 1057:Olive Grove 1525:Teal Dust 1046:Vintage Orange 2194:Pink Haar 1358:Sea Pearl 2194:Light Storm 1414:Grenadine Garden Leaf

**Please note, orders for multiple miniballs of the same colour will often be wound into a single cake - please let us know if this isn't something you want .**

There were so many reasons to offer the JC Rennie yarns in 10g balls that we couldn't say no. Firstly, it allows us to offer a greater colour range, only a subset of their shades are available in 50g balls, the rest is only sold on cones. Secondly, we know that when you are knitting a fair isle project a little goes a long way, it's expensive to buy a 50g ball of every shade you need, especially when you only want to add a small contrast in a larger project. Also, sometimes you want to try out different colours and combinations before comitting to a larger project. And lastly, they are just so darned cute. So here we are, 10g balls of Scottishy goodness. The yarns are a combination of both the Supersoft Lambswool and the Unique Shetland, both of which work together and we haven't yet noticed a difference. The yarn is taken from cones, which is not 'scoured' (AKA 'greasy'), this is easy to knit with and just requires a soak and a rinse in detergent when you have finished the item to allow the yarn to bloom and create a softer finish. Any questions, please get in touch. Larger quantities of coned yarn also available on request.



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