JC Rennie Miniballs


100% wool
28 sts to 10cm
4 ply
Hand wash only
Between 45m and 55m per 10g
10 grammes

There were so many reasons to offer the JC Rennie yarns in 10g balls that we couldn't say no. Firstly, it allows us to offer a greater colour range, only a subset of their shades are available in 50g balls, the rest is only sold on cones. Secondly, we know that when you are knitting a fair isle project a little goes a long way, it's expensive to buy a 50g ball of every shade you need, especially when you only want to add a small contrast in a larger project. Also, sometimes you want to try out different colours and combinations before comitting to a larger project. And lastly, they are just so darned cute. So here we are, 10g balls of Scottishy goodness. The yarns are a combination of both the Supersoft Lambswool and the Unique Shetland, both of which work together and we haven't yet noticed a difference. The yarn is taken from cones, which is not 'scoured' (AKA 'greasy'), this is easy to knit with and just requires a soak and a rinse in detergent when you have finished the item to allow the yarn to bloom and create a softer finish. Any questions, please get in touch. Larger quantities of coned yarn also available on request.