Box of 24 Miniballs


100% wool
28 sts per 10cm
4 ply
Hand wash only
Approx 50m in each Miniball - 1200m in total
24x10g = 240g

A pizza-box of colour, this set will give you a good range of colours and near limitless combination posibilities. Enough for a full length fair isle scarf or colourwork yoke, or just great for smaller projects or swatching or anything really! Colours may vary slightly from those pictured but will be 24 different colours across the full spectrum. The yarn is JC Rennie's pure wool 4ply spun in Scotland. It is taken straight from the cone so it will benefit from washing when you are finished knitting to make to stitches bloom. For more info go and look at the invididual Miniball listing.