Manos Silk Blend 50g


70% wool 30% silk
22-24 sts per 10cm
Almost a double knit
Hand wash only
50 grammes
2106:Atlantic 2401:Danube 2444:Orinoco 2330:Baltic 7338:Aquarius 7032:Libra 9999:Andromeda 9695:Europa 7164:Kraken 9622:Caribe 3019:Dove 8486:Evening Mist 3110:Stellar

This yarn is the same as the older 100g hanks of Manos Silk Blend, just half as much. This is a truly beautiful, opulent yarn. 70% extrafine Merino wool, 30% silk, they recommend 3.5-4.5mm needles with a tension of 22-24 st per 10cm but at first glance it looks as thick as an aran weight wool. It comes in a range of jewel-like solid colours and more muted variagated shades. It will make a splendid garment. Each hank is individually dyed, so there are no dyelots. We try to make sure that multiple hanks are as similar as possible but they do recommend that if you are knitting a larger garment then you work from two hanks alternately, knitting two rows from each hank to blend the shades together.


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