Learn to Knit kit - Zebrino


62:Multi blue-green fancy 64:Multicolour fancy 68:Multi-red fancy 70:Multi bright 71:Multi blue-orange 69:Multi-pastel

Everything you need to get started with knitting except a pair of scissors. You get a drawstring cotton bag containing 2x50g Adriafil Zebrino yarn (enough for a cowl), an Addi circular needle of the right size, instructions and a darning needle to weave in your ends when you finish. The instructrions will give you ideas on how to get started, where to look for video guidance and a simple pattern so you can make something. Just select the colour you like! Zebrino yarn is 53% wool and knits to a thick aran, it's just right for beginners being neither too fine that a project takes forever nor too thick that the stitches are awkward. It is self-striping which makes even the most basic stitches look interesting.And help is always on hand - the instructions include ways of contacting us if you get stuck!


Why a circular needle not a straight one? If you start off learning to knit in the round then you never learn that it's 'difficult' - which it isn't! And it means you can make a lovely rolled-hem hat without having to learn to purl first. Also, a circular needle allows you to knit flat as well as in the round so it's very versatile. If you really don't want a circular needle in your kit then please get in touch and we can offer a pair of straight needles.