Kinross Rainbow Miniskeins


100% lambswool
28 sts per 10cm
4 ply
Hand wash only
574m / 628yds

A rainbow of miniskeins in gorgeously soft lambswool - what's not to love? The miniskeins are 20g each, about 82m each so you have 140g in total, about 574m. Perfect for a colourful, cosy shawl or paired with Quartz, Loch Leven or Bluebell for a lovely rainbowy jumper. The miniskeins are looped together for convenience, once the label is removed from the red skein then the miniskeins can be dismantled easily. The photos also show the combi-hank with a 50g hank of Bluebell but it also works really well with Quartz or Granite. For details about the 50g hanks please see this page