Kinross Baby


100% wool
30 sts per 10cm
3 ply
Hand wash or gentle machine cycle at 30 degrees
325m per 50g

We were distraught when Patons discontinued their Dreamtime 2ply and 3ply, it's been such a staple for so long, so we contacted Todd and Duncan and asked if they could do a similar weight in their delicious Lambswool. This yarn is a 2ply but probably knits closer to the Dreamtime 3ply. Works perfectly to the traditional baby shawl patterns or lovely as a soft laceweight for any project. As with the Kinross 4ply this has come directly from the cone so softens beautifully when washed. 

We also sell this yarn in 100g hanks and in other colours - please see our 'Kinross Lace' listing.