King Cole Zig Zag Sock Yarn


75% wool 25% nylon
28 sts per 10cm
4 ply
Machine washable at 40 degrees- can be tumble dried
420 metres/460 yards per 100g
100 grammes
1247:Mishmash 3009:New York 3161:Emberglow 3230:Beige 3231:Lilacs 3232:Adriatic 3233:Pinks 3235:Purples 3236:Breeze 3237:Oak 3239:Fruit Pastille 3240:Blue Jay 3241:Storm 3250:Tickled Pink 3251:Lime 3252:Lagoon 3253:Fruit Punch 3245:Harlequin 3246:Chilli 3247:Khaki 3415:Humbug 3416:Frappucino 3417:Sunset 3418:Bluebird 3419:Ocean 3420:Strawberry 3409:Petrol 3410:Wedgewood 3411:Berries 3413:Gin Fizz 3414:Cosmic Sky 3470:Coco 3471:Trapeze 3472:Clown 3473:Circus 3474:Big Top 3475:Acrobat

This is a really great sock yarn - hard wearing and colourful at a brilliant price. The 75% wool means it's warm and comfortable and we have tested this ourselves, the socks last well. A new batch of 6 limited edition colourways are produced twice a year. The sock pattern that comes with this yarn changes with each new set of colourways and shows how they knit up.



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