King Cole: Merino Blend DK


1:White 55:Gold 96:Slate Blue 46:Natural 48:Black 49:Clerical 41:Oatmeal 926:Petrol 703:Cranberry 52:Irish navy 21:Royal 853:Sage 23:Chocolate 702:Graphite 3296:Dune 18:Turquoise 33:Bottle 43:Bronze Green 793:Magenta 3394:Blackcurrant 787:Fushia 906:Emperor 3298:Cinnamon 907:Raspberry 927:Lavender 842:Ocean 843:Pebble 855:Mustard 1530:Crocus 1531:Pale Blue 1532:Pale Pink 1985:Adriatic 1986:Amethyst 1988:Redwood 1989:Truffle 3088:Bayleaf 3089:Chestnut 3090:Carnation 3091:Rosehip 3294:Plum 3393:Walnut 791:Denim 3492:Thyme 25:Navy/French navy 9:Red/scarlet
100% wool
22 Stitches per 10cm
Double Knitting
40 degrees
112 metres

Anti tickle 100% Pure New Superwash Wool. Excellent value for a high quality yarn, soft enough for baby knits and available in a wide range of colours.


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