King Cole Galaxy DK


1631:Copper 1628:Turquoise 724:Blossom 721:Plum 740:Amethyst 688:Purple 684:Saturn 683:Mercury 682:Venus 681:Mars 687:Fuschia 686:Red
31% wool- 65% premium acrylic- 4% soft payette
22 Stitches per 10cm
Double Knitting
40 degrees
175m per 50g

This is a very special yarn that has sequins spun into it to give sparkle and glamour to any standard DK pattern. It is surprisingly soft, the sequins aren't at all scratchy and having made kids' garments with this the next project is a baby blanket! The self-striping colourways have long gradual colour changes for extra drama. All round a brilliant yarn.


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