JC Rennie Supersoft Lambswool 4ply - 50g


100% lambswool
22 Stitches per 10cm
Hand wash
246 metres
50 grammes
158:Ivanhoe 2094:Strawberry Sherbert 1204:Marble Gemstone 1834:Bordeaux Mix 1464:Confetti 1304:Blueberry 902:Gorseflower 2154:Royal Eminence 832:Nugget 113:Azure 1353:Fresh Surf 1734:Lavish 1000:Chrome 1077:Jade 2124:Heather Rose 258:Denim 2024:Orchid 037:Calypso New Amethyst 178:Nightshade 1415:Powder Blue 238:Clipper 1060:Ugie Pearl 344:Petunia 1058:Duck Egg 1048:Ocean Force 119:Nutmeg 262:Cummin 084:Cottage 43:Cornflower 117:Laurel 221:Putty 412:Cream 294:Midnight 874:Wizard 030:Medium Grey 380:Blaze 1207:Spring Meadow 1163:Teal Feather 340:Rosebud 190:Charcoal 050:Oxford 1434:Iris 1195:Thistledown 364:Pagan 090:Black 685:Loden 191:Coffee 140:Elephant 358:Atlantic Spray 777:Lush 374:Tudor 131:Oyster 1424:Carnation 273:Blueprint 405:Crab Apple 1006:Henna 207:Stonehenge 986:Spice 239:Tusk 020:Silver 457:Fauna 992:Marzipan 200:Winter White 1358:Sea Pearl 2114:Heather 1046:Vintage Orange 1515:Bondi Blue 2134:Blush 1057:Olive Grove 1404:New Bright Blue 822:Jaffa 1298:Shamrock Shake

The Original Supersoft (Lambswool) yarn by J C Rennie & Co. Made In Scotland. NOT imported! This yarn is ideal for fairisle as it comes in a lovely range of colours which work well together. It has quite a 'crisp' handle but feels lovely next to the skin and fluffs up with wear becoming softer. This yarn will be much more hard-wearing than softer imported pure wools that tend to pill badly. This yarn is described as 4ply, however, we have had reports that it knits to a finer tension so please be sure to swatch before substituting. The JC Rennie mill up in Peterhead has been producing yarns and materials in Scotland since 1798 and have recently expanded their range to include hand knitting yarns. This is a high quality product at a competitive price that will also help to support our traditional manufacturing heritage.


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