Cygnet Seriously Chunky Glow


94% acrylic 6% polyester
6 sts per 10cm
Super Chunky
Machine Washable
45m per 100g
1206:Bright Red

This yarn is identical to the Cygnet Seriously Chunky range but has a light-reflective thread spun into it. It reflects light brilliantly, making the thread seem to glow. Perfect for kids' hats or dog coats when you want to keep track of them in the dark! The thread doesn't feel scratchy so the overall feel is almost identical to the Seriously Chunky range as well. The four shades available in the 'Glow' range are based on existing colours in the standard Seriously Chunky or Mythically Chunky range. The photos are taken with flash to show the reflective thread, which brightens the colours somewhat.


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