Cygnet Seriously Chunky


867:Orchid 8289:Sunburst 978:Lemon Zest 619:Ocean 377:Emerald 195:Light Grey 853:Navy 405:Nightjar 809:Candyfloss 790:Slate Grey 711:Fawn 708:Cornflower 552:Turquoise 5410:Magenta 4888:Burnt Orange 4884:Barley 3877:Meadow Green 3583:Chocolate 306:Plum 288:Cream 2796:Just Denim 8834:Werewolf 7794:Pixie 6604:Sprite 5584:Fairy 217:Black 1206:Bright Red 208:White 2254:Mermaid 1144:Dragon 3364:Unicorn
100% Acrylic
9 stitches per 10cm
Super Chunky
Machine Washable
48m per 100g
100 grammes

This yarn is excellent value, and it is softer than most other 100% acrylic yarns on the market. The colour range is lovely; bright, saturated shades to suit all tastes. There are free patterns available for this yarn on the Cygnet website, or just use it to make quick and easy scarves!


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