Rowan: Kidsilk Haze


634:Cream 590:Pearl 632:Hurricane 599:Wicked 641:Blackcurrant 595:Liqueur 600:Dewberry 582:Trance 639:Anthracite 642:Ghost 580:Grace 664:Steel 583:Blushes 660:Turkish Plum 611:Drab 592:Heavenly 589:Majestic 597:Jelly 671:Peacock 676:Aura 678:Purplicious 684:Eve Green 685:Laguna 682:Ruby 683:Golden Poppy 686:Lustre 689:Branch 653:Shadow
Mohair blend
18-25 Stitches per 10cm
210 metres
25 grammes

This luxurious yarn contains 70% super kid mohair and 30% silk. It comes in a wide range of colours and has great pattern support in the Rowan magazines and books.

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