Regia 4ply Pairfect 100g


75% wool 25% polyamide
30 sts per 10cm
4 ply
Machine washable at 40 degrees
420 metres per 100g
100 grammes
7113:Fresh 7096:Denim 9092:Aalhus 9090:Fossheim 9139:Star 9091:Jolster 9093:Sandalst 7094:Vintage Colour 9136:Garden Colour 9094:Astrup Colour 1342:Stockholm Colour 9095:Kollen 9135:Fall 9138:Island 6819:Luroy 1732:Frozen Colour 1735:Rainbow Colour 1736:Neon Rainbow Colour 7121:Lagune

This is an ingenious idea. You can get a perfectly matching pair of socks out of one of these 100g balls. There are two markers of a length of yellow yarn, start knitting after the yellow yarn for the beginning of each sock and the pattern will come out the same each time. It's the same wonderful, hard-wearing Regia sock yarn, the ball band shows how the socks will come out. Ideal for those of us whose eye starts to twitch at 'fraternal' socks! Most of these designs have been done by Scandinavian knitting duo, Arne & Carlos. The Arne & Carlos designs are more complex fair isle socks.


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